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The Emerald Records Hit Parade of Stars.

On this LP you will find 12 brand new songs penned by Axel, Dylan, Randy and Humpty. These four were joined by Jason Starday in September 2022. Together they recorded a colourful mixture of Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll and DooWop songs in two days. All songs were recorded by Ike in the typical Lightning sound.

Released April 2023 on Emerald Records available from: Reviewed April 2023

A veritable “super group” of all the Emerald Records artists on one album. The line-up consists of Dylan Kirk (vocals, piano and rhythm guitar), Axel Praefcke (vocals, lead guitar and drums), Jason Starday (vocals and rhythm guitar), Michael Kirscht (vocals, bass and lead guitar) and Randy Rich (vocals, lead guitar and drums)

Review: Track by track Bombshell Blonde – A great rocking track to kick things off that reminds me a bit of Jerry Lee Lewis. I am sure the Killer would admire Dylan’s piano playing.

Gonna Find Me A Baby Tonight – Picking up the tempo from the first track this is another rocker, but instead of the piano the guitar dominates although there is a nice bit of piano in the middle eight.

I'm Gonna Get You – this is straight rockabilly. Guitar, slap bass and drums all work together with a result that definitely has an authentic 50s’ feel.

Go Man Go – More Jerry Lee inspired piano playing and a blistering guitar solo, full throttle rock and roll I love it!

Stop Knockin' – This has more of a pop feel to it with nice backing harmonies. Buddy and the Crickets come to mind.

So Long We're Through – You can’t keep a good piano player down and definitely is the case with Dylan but the lead guitar is not to be out done. Another good piece of rock ‘n’ roll.

Even If You Tried – This is pure up tempo rockabilly that reminds me of the classic “Mama Don’t You Think I Know” by Jackie Lee Cochran. Everything about this track is just right.

It Don't Matter No More – A mid-tempo rocker with a nice honky tonk piano sound.

Whenever You're With Me – Another nicely produced that leans a bit more to the poppier style of rockabilly with good back vocals, a great rhythm and nice guitar work. I can imagine Ricky Nelson doing it!

Please Come In – If Ricky Nelson could the last track then maybe Charlie Rich would include this in his repertoire? Another nice rocker.

One Last Kiss – I really like the guitar sound of this rockabilly track, a good bopper.

Blues At Night – As the title suggests for the last track there is a shift away from rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly to a more bluesy style. Maybe more a stroller than a slow dance, but it does have a “last dance” feel to it. A nice way to end the album from Jason Starday.

Summary: I cannot recommend this album highly enough. Twelve original songs, well produced, excellent musicianship all with an “authentic rockin’” feel. For me I can imagine this being recorded in 1958 in the Sun Studios. The whole album oozes quality. What’s not to like? Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

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