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The Evil Teds - Ugly Ducklin.

Released 16th May 2023, Records Freight RF10-01, Vinyl LP 10’ Limited 500 copies. Available from: Reviewed by Terry Mead 19/06/2023. The Evil Teds are from France and play predominantly European Teddy Boy Rock n Roll.

Who’s in the band ; Hugo-Guitar & Chants

Jesse-Double Bass


Ugly Ducklin contains twelve self-penned tracks, nine of which are written by The Evil Teds, two by Jessy Dubray and one by Steve Riot.

Review track by track: Wild Blood – So we kick off this album with some European Teddy Boy Rock n Roll and the title is very apt as wild blood not only runs through the story told by the lyrics, it’s in the veins of the music that has a driving beat which it's known for. Teddy School – “When the school bell rings, I put on my drape jacket and its Rock n Roll “ again a solid beat tune with some neat guitar playing throughout. Teenage Rebel Life- Clever intro & guitar riff running through this track which portrays the story of teenage rebel life.

Spread Your Legs - Rather a raunchy title which is the chorus of the track, neither less musically a fine sounding track.

Working Class Ted – A catchy Chas & Dave style beat with a Dixie riff thrown in telling the story of a working-class Ted.

Evil Teddy Boy- Back to the pounding European Teddy Boy beat for this track has a couple of cool guitar breaks with the slap coming in on the following verse. Are those Teddy Boys really Evil? Well, the story of this one is.

Jump Jive Rock- A Teddy Boys rendition of the song Jump Jive & Wail self-penned in true Ted style. Push back the tables clear the dance floor and get bopping.

Teddy Boy Street Gang – Again the title gives the theme of the lyrics away another no holds barred story of Teddy Boy gangs told to a pounding beat.

Rockin Queen – This one’s a stroller ideal for the Teddy girls has the perfect strolling beat, neat laid-back tune with some cool guitar sounding licks and drumbeat.

Meteor Boogie- Predominantly a drinking song (and the problems alcohol causes), this is a fast paced energetic tune.

Ugly Ducklin- The term meaning ‘where do I fit in?’ and this title track searches for the personal identity of a Teddy Boy referred to as the ugly duckling of rock n roll., Powerful slide intro and guitar licks produce a heavy sound to contrast the storyline.

Bop To The Juke-Box-So here we come to last track and it’s a bonus one, singalong to the Evil Teds as they Bop to the jukebox. Smooth sounding easy listening tune with a slap beat.

To summarise: well, what can I say other than if you enjoy the European Rocking scene and the hard driving beat that’s played there, then this is a must for you! Remember there are only 500 copies produced at this stage so hurry up or you’ll miss the boat.

Band Biography in their own words:

The Evil Teds are a rock n roll teddy boy trio made up of Hugo, 20, on guitar and vocals, Antoine, 20, on drums and Jesse, 20, on slap bass. Created in 2019, our trio was first a group of friends united around the same passion: Rock n' roll! Having some notions of music, we decide to dust off some instruments hidden in the attic to start rehearsing in a cellar. We mainly play original compositions inspired by the pioneers of the 50s but also the whole British and European revival scene such as The Riot Rockers, Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers, Screaming Lord Sutch, Lou Cifer and the Hellions but our biggest inspiration remains all the same The Black knights which pushes us to keep the slap bass which is so rare in the rock n roll teddy boy but which makes our identity. After 4 years of traveling the roads of France despite the covid, on beautiful dates such as the famous Good Rockin Tonight in Attignat, Toury, the year 2023 is the year when we will play for the first time outside our borders as in the Teds and Rebels in Belgium, the Rockers Rules in Italy and the famous Ted Do in Blackpool! This is the second album the first being the self-titled “The Evil Teds” released in September 2021.

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