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The Heyman Session-JC Hawkins & His Model-A Playboys

Released August 2020 on Mr Lovely Recordings All songs and lyrics by JC Hawkins and His Model- A Playboys except Little Bitty Man (Lou Walker) and Pink Cadillac (Sammy Masters). Recorded and engineered by Nikolaj Heyman at Golden Delicious Studio in Aarhus. Produced by The Playboys and Nikolaj Heyman Mixed by Nikolaj Heyman Mastering by Valentin Kruse/BlindBoyRecordings Reviewed May 2023 Buy the album here:

All songs and lyrics by JC Hawkins and His Model- A Playboys except Little Bitty Man (Lou Walker) and Pink Cadillac (Sammy Masters). That means 10 new numbers written and recorded live in the studio the fact that the songs are recorded live gives them a certain feel and sound. In my opinion there is no better way and it’s the way I am familiar with. This can mean that some songs can be recorded in one take as in this album where no songs took longer than 3 takes this can make it harder to record and produce but Nik Heyman had no problem with this album and influenced the feel of the album. Recording live usually means all the musicians set up around one or two microphones and that helps keep it relaxed any backing vocals would be added later.

Musicians are: JC Hawkins, Vocals and Harmonica A Tipps, Lead Guitar Stubbs Rizelle, Drums Beau Jepson, Rhythm guitar and Lapsteel Miguel Cruz, Double Bass

Review 1. One-Two-Three – A great upbeat Rockabilly start to the album, I love the guitar sound.

2. Forget It, Baby – This number has a bluesy feel to it which is evident when the Harmonica comes in on the track.

3.Pink Cadillac – Written by Sammy Masters, a Rockabilly classic, this cover version stays true to the original but with the band's own touch the live recording really suits this number as the energy really comes through on the recording.

4.That Kinda Man – This track reminds me of the Kingsmen song 'It Should Have Been Me' but that’s just my opinion! Regardless this is a great track from the band.

5.Crazy Beat – An upbeat Rockabilly number driving guitar slapping bass and solid drum beat: this track has it all!

6.Hot Dog – This is one of the numbers needing just one take on the album. It has all the energy of a live track: I like the vocals and lyrics! Top notch!

7.She's My Baby – This track has a more Country sound with harmony vocals and Country guitar softer rhythm section, but the rhythm guitar shines through really nice lead guitar picking in the lead breaks... awesome! My favourite track so far.

8.Little Bitty Man – Written by Lou Walker and released on the Starday label back in the day. This cover version has harmonica and is played with a bit more energy and pace but is still respectful of the original recording... again, a good version.

9.Million Dollar Baby – This track reminds me of a certain Swedish band and features Harmonica which gives it a blues edge.

10.That's All – I really like the sound on this track, it has the feel of a 60’s country song.

11.Can't Go Yet – Another Rockabilly number, which is great as this band has a brilliant sound and really know how to produce this type of track.

12.That Mean Model-T – A strong finish to the album; bluesy guitar, great lyrics and tight rhythm section. One for the DJs to play as it should get the floor full of strollers.

I had not heard this band before hearing this album, but I really like what they do and the more I listened the better it was. I am a fan of how it was recorded and the sound that has been achieved the songs are well written and the music is great the level of musicianship is very good. If you like Rockabilly or blues, then you will enjoy the tracks on this album it also has some Hillbilly/Country as well so something for everybody.

I would have no problem recommending this album and this band to anyone and I hope to be able to see them play live in the future. YOUTUBE: Reviewed by Tom Doel

This band must be reckoned as the mostest original western rockabilly group in Denmark. These five playboys can dig up the meanest rockabilly boogie sound, fill the floor with peppy and bright western swing, topped off with fine vocal harmonies. They can roll and tumble and lay down the coolest rhythm 'n blues beat you would ever need to feel satisfied!

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