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Available through Rob Glazebrook message on Facebook: Recorded in October 2022 at Sugar Rays Vintage Recording Studio, Wickford, Essex. Engineered by Dean Amos Mastered by Rob Glazebrook Mixed by Rob Glazebrook & Sam Glazebrook Designed by Mia Glazebrook & Rob Glazebrook Reviewed by Terry Mead 01/04/2023

The Houserockers from Essex, UK are an authentic Rock n Roll/Rockabilly band which were formed in 1999 and have remained at the top of their class with endless gigs and albums along the way.

The band consist of: Rob Glazebrook -Vocals/Guitar Kitcat Shaun- Lap Steel Guitar Nick Hoadley-Bass Nick Simonon-Drums

This album contains two self-penned numbers written by Rob Glazebrook who basically arranged them on the day of the studio and six alternate covers you don’t usually hear which make it an interesting composition. These songs were cut in less than three hours due to a technical problem at “Sugar Rays’ studio that day. It didn’t deter the band who managed to record sixteen tracks of which twelve were selected for the album.

Let’s Review the tracks: Let It Go- This first track starts off with the familiar authentic sound straight from the vaults that Rob has recreated in this self-penned number. It’s a fine Country/Rockabilly tune with beautifully balanced blend of slap & steel slide and those characteristic vocals of Rob Glazebrook flow over the top.

Sitting On Top Of The World –Originally a country blues song written by Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon who were core members of the Mississippi Sheiks in 1930 and has been reworked by the likes of Milton Brown & Howling Wolf. This version resembles Walt Cochran & his Holly River Boys 1963 Rockabilly tune, plenty of slap a neat steel guitar break making it more upbeat Rockabilly than the Walt Cochran version. Again, the sound is so authentic, and the use of original equipment gives it the 1950s feel.

I’m Gone- Originally a Shatier & Myers co-written song covered here with a hard bopping beat running through it. As the title says the lyrics are all about not letting me out of my sight or I’ll be gone.

You Better Go Now – Beamon Forses 1955 recording revitalised here with a more upbeat fast tempo plenty of slap & guitar licks, credit to the drummer Nick Simonon who has his work cut out on the constant fast paced beat.

Hot Lips & Swivel Hips- The title track of the album originally sang by Gene Rambo & The Flames, the song has been completely arranged by The Houserockers here, giving it more beat and accompanying instruments. Lonely Wait – Quaint little number covered here nice easy listening tune with a distinctive guitar riff running through. Sort & sweet but very neat.

Little Heart Attacks (Take 2) – Glenn Johnson number with a more Rock n Roll beat than this version which has a Western Swing sound and a prominent steel lap guitar sound from Kitcat Shaun making the waves along the way. We Did- The second of Rob Glazebrook’s self-penned numbers tells in the lyrics all about a wonderful day and what ‘we did’. The drum and steel lap guitar blend in the background to the vocals, producing a nice easy listening tune.

Hot Lips & Swivel Hips (Take 1 demo)- The demo of the title track done with more of the original sound and without the musical accompaniment.

Let It Go (Take 1) – Take 1 is as the first track in tempo but a feel that the guys have gone for the second take as it has the edge and depth in sound.

You Better Go Now (Take 1) - As with take 2 of this track except I noticed on a whole take 2 was more polished and the fade at the end less abrupt than this take.

Little Heart Attacks (Take 1)- This take produces an earlier sound than take 2 more of a country/Hillbilly crossover.

To Summarise: If you love the authentic sound produced by original equipment of the 1950s era then this is an album for you with the addition of lap steel played with aplomb by Kitcat Shaun has made a big impact on the tracks. To produce an album in three hours is a feat in itself and to add self-esteem quality to those recordings shows the professionalism of the band and engineer.

Band biography in Robs own words: I Was formerly in The legendary Rochee and the Sarnos, then The Playboys and also have a blues combo called the Broadkasters. The Houserockers was formed twenty-four years ago always playing sides that no one else does (the B side kings!). We also write our own songs and have produced some eight CD’s. We play all over the world and have done around two thousand gigs very popular in UK, France & Germany. A few years ago, we headlined on the Sunday at Viva Las Vegas. We’ve backed a number of American acts and top British guys to, the last being Joe Clay at the Rockers Reunion a few years ago. We’re a bit of a ‘marmite’ band if you dig authentic crazy RnR & Rockabilly we’re the band for you..Fluffy Jivers…we give up. We don’t play so much these days due to my family commitments but still try to do thirty to fifty gigs in a year. We attempt to recreate in our own way authentic 1950s Rock n Roll and Rockabilly.

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