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Released July 8, 2016. Reviewed 1st April 2023. LABEL: Goofin Records- GREP 201

James Henry: vocals, guitars, electric & upright bass, percussion, handclaps Sarah Butler: vocals, upright bass, handclaps Mark Sanders: guitars, baritone guitar, backing vocals, handclaps Teddy Fury: drums, handclaps

Additional Musicians

Glenn Kimberley- Drums tracks 5 And 11 Burke Carroll- Pedal Steel Guitar Deke Dickerson-Baritone Guitar, Baritone Saxaphone.

Produced by Deke Dickerson Engineered by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Studios, Toronto Mixed by Deke Dickerson at EccoPhonic Studios, Los Angeles. Mastered by Peter J. Moore at the E-Room, Toronto.

Art Direction & Design: Steve Good Art Direction & Cover Photography: Patrick King Band Photography: Sean Ryan Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

There Goes My Baby - starting off with an original opening track from the band… straight in with an offbeat strollin beat, fab backing vocals and the lead vocal from Sarah has that fantastic Connie, Brenda feel… this is a fantastic 50’s popsicle tune that could have been in an outtake from the film Hot Bubblegum!…I really love it, the mixing is top notch and right on the money. Love Me So – another very powerful lead vocal accompanied with great backing once again…this number should be getting pots of airplay on the club scene… a fabulous stroller and the musicianship is outstanding… Terry doing drums rolls, top bass playing and that lead guitar could be right outta Sun Studios…at just 2 minutes 44 this is the real deal! Shame – mid-tempo track and brushes enhance this track and add some light and shade… another dynamic lead vocal… this is a great melodic number and very pleasant to the ear… the solo really explodes with more sterling guitar work from James and Mark Trouble – this number starts off with a fab eerie chord and Sarah singing, then in comes the bass and everyone else settles in… a number that is very haunting and tells the story… that trouble is going to find you wherever you go…love the key change as it enters the instrumental section...and continues on the exit into the final verse. I really like the ending run out repeat section…this is another very catchy number indeed and a sure-fire strollin’ hit! Blue Blue Heart – James takes on the lead vocal on this mid temp country pickin’ rockin’ number….fantastic guitar sections all the way through this track which really does hit the bullseye and you get the feeling they are crying with you.. nice backing vocals… it’s perfect for that hillbilly hoedown country rockin’ party! How Blue – this track has a Patsy Cline feel to it right from the start… nice to hear a slow, smoochy number… this tune really has The Millwinders treatment… the vocals in the mix sit perfectly and the musicianship is just outstanding. Here we have 2 minutes 8 seconds of pure delight and yet another original track. Don't You Dare – twanging guitar with a steady bass lick and the off beat rhythm on the drums…here we have a rock n rollin’ strolling tune… fabulous backing vocals mixed in with ahhhs sat just right behind them… very catchy number indeed… nice breakdown stop sections mid-way through… when I first played this it was as if I heard it before due to how fabulous and memorable it is… No Vacancy – rhythm guitar kicks off this slow number… Again, Sarah’s lead vocal is so exceptional… she really does have a great vocal range… nice to hear the brushes and bass sat at the back… this tune has fantastic lyrics and is a very well worked out song. 2 minutes 26 seconds… “Why do you always want me, when there’s no vacancy!” Two Timin Fool – rockabilly number with James taking on lead vocals… love that twanging geetar and hic-cupping style vocal.. screeching solo, bass slapping and snare bolts throughout.. with 2 solo’s it really is a stomping, very well produced track… would have loved to have seen this number played live! The Only Fool – this slow paced tune has that very Patsy early 60’s vibe going on… exceptional vocals once again and the guitars just sing to you… they really are fabulous… this number is so marvellous and even more so considering it is another original number from this awesome band. 3 minutes and 7 seconds of musical genius. Bumble Bee – a tune that was originally done by Lavern Baker in 1960 and always played at their live shows back in 2016…Mark explains that when he was a kid he had it on 45 but by The Searchers, and he played it to death… he wanted to bring his own take to the band's version, so went for a spaghetti western style to his guitar playing by turning up the vibrato and the distortion and surf style all mixed it…the band have kept the rest of the song much like the original and it’s a fantastic cover indeed. The One Who Loves Me – back to a much slower paced number… here the snare drum is played on the rim, more fantastic guitars, bass and powerhouse vocals from Sarah… another exceptional original track with marvellous lyrics. If you are thinking Nashville Boogie…you are right.. grab your partner and get ready for a nice two step! It's Love – last number from a fantastic C.D. this time both Sarah and James duet…chatting about all things love, and can it really be love, reservations about is your love true, can this be love, … answering each other throughout the song… it’s a very intuitive well written tune…once again musicianship is high class indeed and this final track has a great melody. In their own words –about the band when formed gigs etc and influences? It's been a LONG time, so I'm not certain of exactly when The Millwinders formed but this was our first gig, so it likely wasn't too long before March 2010 that my friend Teddy Fury first put me in touch with James Henry who was looking to put something together. I remember driving to Toronto to play/audition for James and it went from there. Glenn Kimberley on drums and Johnny Gallagher on lead guitar. The Millwinders played Viva Las Vegas a couple of times, the Southside Shuffle and all manner of pubs and clubs in between. Since that original line up, we've had Mark Sanders on lead guitar and Chris Dignan on rhythm guitar and vocals and when we lost Glenn, Teddy Fury stepped in on drums. In addition to being fabulous musicians, every one of these guys had a brilliant sense of humour, so we always had a lot of fun writing, playing and recording together. The influences on the members of the band are too diverse to list. We all LOVE music, and can find something we love in all types of music. As I said, every one of the guys has an amazing sense of humour, so what I remember and cherish most about recording is the face-aching laughter. When we went into the studio to record "It's Love", we were stinging from the loss of Glenn. Our good friend Teddy Fury stepped in on drums and really helped us through that time; both musically and emotionally. We were actually able to have fun and laugh because of him. Deke Dickerson joined us while we recorded the album and that just added a whole other level of fun! As you can see by the photos of the recording, on the inside cover of the CD. Distribution: I believe our first CD is sold out. But James Henry may have some! "It's Love" is available on BandCamp. CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM Wow! 13 very memorable songs and twelve original tunes written by the band and only the one cover… if you can imagine…a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll, with a dash of soul then you wont be far off… The Millwinders really did have something special and it really is a shame that the band split just over 6 years ago…this C.D. really is phenomenal and really does showcase everyone in the band… I have loved listening to all the tunes and they really have all been very catchy indeed. YOU TUBE CLIP: Don't forget to check out our new website with reviews, links to vendors and much more! Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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