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The Nevrotix-Light & Shade.

Released on 02/06/2023 on Crazy Love Records Reviewed on 13/05/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Buy the album here on CD:

Sweden delivers again. Over the last few years more and more rockabilly, Psychobilly and neo-rockabilly bands are coming from the cold north of Europe and The Nevrotix are one of the best examples.

Based in Gothenburg(Sweden) the Trio combines Axel Wennerlund (vocals & guitar), Cecil Kriisin (drums), and Henrik Hellberg Lizama on slap-bass slapping you around with some awesome old school Psychobilly and neo-rockabilly, to make sure that you can’t fit them into just one genre. These guys just make up their own mix and style of what psycho/rockabilly should sound like.

Track by Track 1.: Bone Rattle Beat: That’s what you call an intro: rolling drums to get your excitement going. Straight old school psycho slap-bass and a swinging reverb loving guitar. Let’s all Bone Rattle Beat with this refreshing new neo-swede-a-billy or psych-o-swede sound.

2.: Blue Again: Great guitar intro with fast slapping bass and a subtle drum beat. Stitching the guitar riff right through the whole track gives it a unique and interesting song. Layered with lots of happy slapping from the bass (it’s addictive). The drums are just about perfectly placed and never overpowering. Axel’s vocals are great and wrap you like a snowy winter in Sweden: this one will rock your socks off.

3.: Creature: Twangy guitar ringing in the new track. Hard driving drums in combination with the slaptastic bass. This creature from outer space is taking a slice of Batmobile and turning it on its head. This is some great stuff.

4.: She’s My Baby: Another track that will blow your mind. Old school Psycho and a good dash of neo-rockabilly. Thumping kick drum, a slap-bass that is hammering to no end and a good old screaming reverb guitar. Nice fast paced song.

5.: Cast A Spell: How low can a slap-bass go…listen and find out! Solid straight-laced drums. The guitar is kept nicely tucked away and only starts screaming when the lyrics start to cast a spell. Sneaky little solos build in as well. This propels you back in time.

6.: Out Of Sight: This track is definitely right in your sight. Fast-tempo with ice cooled guitar riffs. Some great string bending going on on the slap-bass and drums that are more solid than a bunker.

7.: All That Was: Yee-haw. Country meets Nick Cave. Great lyrics that use female backing vocals to give it tons of harmony and melody. Beautiful soft drums coupled with a slow slap-bass and twangy sounding Steel guitar that lifts the Acoustic Rhythm guitar. Dark, serious and soulful track. Watch out, you will be surprised by this.

8.: Midnight Boogie: Stomping ground for the Midnight Boogie. Horror lyrics that will haunt you like the creature in this song. Slap-bass like the powerful footsteps from the creature combined with drums like thunder and lightning and the guitar that used to creep you out and highlights the shock factor.

9.: Distance: Reverb loaded guitar and a speedboat like slap-bass is putting lots of distance in between you and the drums and then they start with powerful hits and crashing Cymbals. Cool guitar riffs on the quiet spots to give the track a ghostly feel. What a great tune.

10.: Parallel World: Oh wow, what a build-up. Acoustic guitar, rolling drums and lower than low slap-bass. This is all the best bits of neo-rockabilly, Old School Psycho and much more. This is not the Parallel World, this is a New World with lots of screaming twangy guitar, hammering slap-bass and TomTom heavy drums. Cool backing vocals to manifest where you actually are.

11.: Aviophobia: That Rhythm is as good as flying. Moving effortlessly from neo-rockabilly into rockabilly. Using the guitar as the vocals is great. 80’s fast Psycho slap-bass that will kick you off the ground and just sitting in the back is this human drum machine and it’s used as the fuel to start your engine. Sliding in Saxophone is the icing on the cake. No vocals needed and the perfect track to finish off this Album.

Summary: Starting with some very interesting songs/tracks in 2015. This is the mature version and will propel The Nevrotix forward like no other Band in a long time. The sound, beat and layout of this album is addictive to say the least. After listening a dozen times to the Album it finally came to my understanding that this Band just took my No1 spot. It’s fast, fun, new but still keeps the good old days of Psychobilly and neo-rockabilly in its sights.

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