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The TR5's – “A Triumph!”

Record label - Foot Tapping Records FT230

Release Date: 29th December 2023

Reviewed on 15th December 2024 by Dave Diamond

Promoter of The Boomerang Club-London.

The Band:

Singer: Rusty

Acoustic Guitar: Lucky

Electric Guitar: Richey

Bass: Finn


�Produced and Mixed by Al Heslop and Adam Ford at Creative Control in Bracknell

Mastered by Graham Dominy at Embassy Studio, Basingstoke

Front cover artwork by: Jonathan Hamblin

Distribution - Manufactured and distributed under license by Foot Tapping Records Ltd

Grab your copy here:

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

Rock ‘N’ Roll Good Times (Richey) – and we are off with an original track, it’s a lovely bouncy bluesy rockin up beat jive number to kick off this 10 track C.D. fabulous clean guitar sounds from both Lucky and Richey that has a fab riff running through the whole track, and a fab solo… great drum patterns and accents throughout from Ted, love the way the running bass lines move in and out from Finn and fabulous powerful vocals from Rusty that are just awesome. At 3 minutes long, this tune is a sure-fire dance floor filler and you’re guaranteed to have a good time moving to this top tune!

This Thing You Call Love (Rusty) – Second track, this time written by Rusty, this has a Lemon Popsicle, Hot Bubblegum film feel to it, it really does showcase Rusty’s vocal vibrato range, I really dig the highs and lows in tempo throughout, the musicianship is of a very high standard on this track. It could and should definitely be featured in a 50’s soundtrack…watch this space!

Everybody’s Screaming (Lucky) – third track in and this one has a driving drum beat, with fab drum rolls round the kit, again great catchy guitars and bass throughout, everybody’s screaming Lord Sutch, and love the stop mid-way through this tune, great lyrics on this self-penned number by Lucky… it’s a fantastic melodic dance number and you’ll be screaming if you miss this track played live. It’s a real powerhouse track with fabulous vocals once again from Rusty woahhh!

Ain’t She Sweet – is a song composed by Milton Ager, with lyrics by Jack Yellen. It was published in 1927 by Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, Inc… the band have put their stamp on this track by rocking it up, taken it to a medium paced jive tempo making it 2 minutes of dance floor action!

Interesting fact… The song has been recorded hundreds of times, and appeared in over 80 films, including many from the 1930s and it’s number 47 on the Recording Industry Association of America's list of "Songs of the Century"

Drummin’ Man (Richey) – Nice staggered instro section starts off this strolling number, Rusty sings… “he can boogie along he can hold back the beat… the drummers gonna turn up the heat, take it from me cos I know, the drummer’s the star of the show!” love the drum solo staggered sections that are followed by a fab guitar solo….very ingenious lyrics on this tune.. it has a very theatrical Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe to it that should be in lights… come on drummin man!!

Let’s Jump The Broomstick - was written by Charles Robins and performed first by Alvin Gaines & The Themes from Nashville in 1959, it was then covered that year by Brenda Lee with her version reaching number 1961…and then 20 years later featured on Top Of The Popos by Coast To Coasts version. The TR5’s have taking the tempo up a notch making their rendition into a mid to fast jiver with heavier drum beat, high extended guitar solo, great bass run downs and fab infectious vocals all round…

Mr Lucky (Rusty, Lucky) – opens with Rusty with the rhythm and lead on their own that are both higher in the mix, with stix on the snare rim, then after 40 seconds everyone is in, this tune is about a guy who thinks he’s lucky but really all he is, is a player and he’s not lucky at all! Great meaningful vocals from Rusty and terrific range once again. Another extremely catchy tune from the band with tremendous musicianship.

Twenty Flight Rock – Released as a single by Eddie Cochran in July 1956 and featured in The Girl Can’t Help it Film of the same year. It’s great to hear a female lead vocal with an increased sped up middle eight section from the band. At nearly a minute longer than the original with 2 solo’s, this is a great cover rendition from the TR5’s, that just goes to increase the bands versatility.

Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby - was written and recorded in 1936 by Decca artist Rex Griffin, and then in 1956 Carl Perkins contributed a modern arrangement, along with some minor lyric changes. Here the band do a marvellous version with a crisp clear vocal accompanied by a great rhythm section. This track is mixed and mastered just perfectly and the band are clearly having a really good time recording this tune.

Let It Rock (Lucky) – wow here we are and it’s the final track and what a pleasure it has been reviewing this fantastic 10 track C.D. Finishing off with another original number this track has an up-beat country feel with a rockin’ twist. Digging the build-up section at the end of the track that finishes it off absolutely perfectly. The song tells a good story and with the shufflin’ beat and it certainly gets your feet tappin… love it!

Any inspiration for the song titles you write? Our songs are written about personal experiences, about life, love, bands, and rock ‘n’ roll.

In your own words –about the band, when formed, and your influences and favourite bands? -

Formed just before lockdown 2020, we love and want to play songs in a skiffle / early rock ‘n’ roll style. We think there’s not enough people playing skiffle!!


I’ve seen this band live before and they were fantastic, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing them again sometime very soon!

This debut 10 track C.D is excellent and really top notch and is going to go down a storm in clubs and festivals … love it!

The band released a 7" vinyl single on Weekend Offender Records back in 2022 which is now sold out. "A Triumph!" is their first album, so make sure you grab a copy as soon as you can and do not miss out!

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Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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