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Unstoppable- Lady Luck Lexy & the Riverside Boys

Recorded and mixed at Sugar Ray’s Vintage Recording Studio, Wickford, Essex, UK. By Dean Amos and Rob Glazebrook Mastered at Cryonicia Studios. Released 29th April 2023 at The Viva Las Vegas Weekend 26.

To pre order click on link Reviewed by-Terry Mead 19/04/2023.

Formed in 2015, Lady Luck Lexy and the Riverside boys are a UK outfit. Pin-up model and lead singer, Lexy is a powerhouse of sound and passion in her voice and her energetic performance is mesmerising. Backed by her band, the Riverside Boys, their signature guitar, and hard slapping bass rhythms makes the whole package a captivating experience of bops, foot tapping beats and sexy strolls. The 3-piece band’s line-up includes original rockin’ tunes and classic rockabilly covers.

The band consist of: Lady Luck Lexy-Lead Vocals/Drums Nick Bayford-Guitars Chris Tymon-Double Bass Twelve tracks nine of which are self-penned from the Bayford/Becerra duo with Chris Tymon co-writing track nine with them.

Let’s review track by track:

Ready To Rock n Roll- Yes we are! And Lexy certainly is right from the word go on this first track on the album which moves to the beat telling us through the lyrics on getting ready for a night out to Rock n Roll.

Scream & Shout- Another tight composition from the Bayford/Becerra duo fast-paced with a few guitar breaks and the slap hits back in. Lexy’s raunchy voice portrays the story of letting the world know by ‘Screaming & Shouting’ of her true love.

Hey Cool Daddy- This a lovely cruisy number with a great back beat and Lexy’s grinding vocals at times emphases the high points of the tune which glides and flows along from start to finish.

Isolation Blues- Was expecting a low-down bluesy number from the title but not far from it this tune packs a punch with a cool driving beat, there is a neat guitar picking break midway to.

I Wanna Man (In A Rockabilly Band)- A Barbara Pittman style self-penned number with a bit of Cherry Divine thrown into this upbeat track with some cool guitar licks and Lexy working hard on the drums.

Always Let Me Down- Western style beat to this number with a daunting sound running through .One of those tunes you just love to have on so grab your partners and hit the floor.

Roulette Baby- Another blues bopper with a gambling themed lyrics, slap and some hefty guitar breaks.

Closer- Nine Inch Nails song which can be heard in the movie “The Hitcher '' with Sophia Bush and Sean Bean, completely re-vamped here in true Rockabilly style, with a guitar intro and a driving drum & slap bass beat along with some cool guitar licks. I’m

On Fire- And Lexy certainly is on this mid-tempo track which has a dominant slap bass running through. Another great rockin track to get your teeth into.

Knock 3 Times- Fast driving number sort of a rockabilly version of the Dawn song but with their own lyrics cleverly adapted to make it a unique sound.

Tangi-Paho- One of my favourite tunes is Sonny Starn’s “Tangi Paho” so I was looking forward to listening to the Lexy & The Riversides version and boy, have they carried it off well. It has a great kick to it, just like the original. Dig the crazy beat right from the off.

Good Times- The Harry Nilsson number with the original piano intro being replaced by an awesome guitar intro before the raunchy voice of Lexy kicks in. Lexy carries the vocals off well to cover this track turning it into a proper blues bopper with plenty of slap and neat guitar riffs.

To Summarise: Well, here we have a really cool rockin’ album produced in an authentic 1950s studio deep in the heart of Essex and to be launched at the Viva weekender on 29th April which promises to be a blast. This trio gel so well together and I’m sure there will be more albums like this to come from them. Track listing:

Ready To Rock ‘N’ Roll (Bayford/Becerra) Scream & Shout (Bayford/Becerra) Hey Cool Daddy (Bayford/Becerra/Tymon) Isolation Blues (Bayford/Becerra) I Wanna Man (In A Rockabilly Band) (Bayford/Becerra) Always Let Me Down (Bayford/Becerra) Roulette Baby (Bayford/Becerra) Closer (Reznor) I’m On Fire (Bayford/Becerra/Tymon) Knock 3 Times (Bayford/Becerra) Tangi-Paho (Starns) Good Times (Nilsson)

Band Biography: Lexy has been singing and drumming for over 25 years getting her start in a very different music genre. It took her on over a dozen world tours with mainstream success, however, her heart belonged to rockabilly. She formed the current outfit in 2015 after a brief 2-year stint in her previous band, Bang Bang Boogie. Quite often seen in front of the camera as Lexy Kitten Pin Up Model , you can also hear DJ Lady Luck Lexy, on the radio and at live events. Nick Bayford began his journey into rock and roll from the tender age of 10 and began to play guitar shortly after. Since then, his playing has been noticed and utilised by performers such as Linda Gail Lewis, Sleepy Labeef, Charlie Gracie and Deke Dickerson. Chris Tymon comes from a Psychobilly background and most famously played for Viva Le Pink.

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