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Waiting For A Sign by The Blue Velvets

Released December 2023 on Enviken Records Also available on Spotify etc.

Reviewed December 2023.

Blue Velvets are a rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly country blues band, based in Berlin, Germany. Fronted by a Canadian singer and backed by two locals on bass and drums. The three members are, Alistair Christl - vocals and guitar, Ralph Sommer - double bass and Mario (DJ Devil) Wachsmann – drums.

All eleven tracks have been written by the band’s frontman Alistair Christl and fall broadly into the “honky-tonking, trucking country, rockabilly” style of rock and roll. The album was recorded at recorded at Moe's Rockin’ chair Studio, Berlin

Review Track by track

Waiting For A Sign – released as a single to promote the album, this was reviewed by my buddy Rockin’ Rebel and we agree that this is a great track to start the album. An excellent piece of original modern rockabilly without a weak spot. If the sign they are waiting for is a massive thumbs from me, they have got it.

Ordinary Man – I love the slap bass on this rocking track, the guitar work is also superb and a great clean sound. Great production.

I'm Her Man – this was the B side of “Waiting For A Sign and reminds me of Chris Isaaks who is an artist I really admire. The screaming guitar break really adds punch to the song. A great double sided single.

Troubles Ahead – a change in tempo and style to a more moody Latin tempo proving this band have more than one string to their bow. Really nice vocals to make this an atmospheric song.

Joe Jobs – for me this is a good example of trucking country rather than rockabilly and I definitely like it. Great “twangy” guitar reminiscent of Grady Martin.

Last Chance Saloon – another track that reminds me of Chris Isaaks, like all the tracks the production is superb as is the musicianship and singing. Mid-tempo rocking country.

A Girl I Used To Know – back to more mainstream rockabilly with this song, great bass and drums to give a solid rhythm along with more great guitar licks.

From Now On – I like the country, honky tonk feel to this song which shows another side to these guys talents. It’s excellent, what more can I say?

Long For The Wild – this track really moves and has a definite western edge to it with “red Indian” type intro before the slap bass kicks in.

Amelia – a chance for Alistair Christl to demonstrate his great voice and range of vocal styles. It is haunting and dramatic song.

Little Jane May – the final track is another fine rocker with a solid driving guitar riff.

Summary and recommendation

I really like this album. It does evoke memories of Johnny Horton and more recent artists such as BR5-49, Dale Watson and Chris Isaaks. The songs are all well-crafted and performed superbly with faultless production. One of the best albums of 2023 for me.

Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

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