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Well Here’s The Deal- Bo Walton & Red Alert

Produced by John David at Berry Hill Studio. Mastered by Gethin at Hafod Mastering. Artwork all finalised by Lee at OctoDesign.

Released 24th September 2023 available on digital platforms and CD from the band at:

Reviewed by Terry Mead 14/10/2023 British band Bo Walton & Red Alert are a Rock n Roll/Country Rock genre line-up , their previous EP was “Back In The Real World” in 2021.

The band consist of:

Bo Walton- Vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar.

Steve Oz- Backing vocals and electric and acoustic guitar.

Kevin Davidge-Backing vocal’s bass guitar.

Phil Greenhouse- Backing vocals, drums, and tambourine. John David-Producer, backing vocals, and acoustic rhythm guitar.

Geraint Watkins-Piano on 6. “Well Here’s The Deal “ contains ten self -penned tracks all produced by John David and three covers.

So, let’s review track by track : Hand Foot & Finger – And we are off with a neat bouncy number to start with first of ten tracks produced, composed, and arranged by John David. This track also has some cool guitar work running through it with a super drum beat.

Come On Over Tonight – This track has such a seventies feel about it produced again by John David and composed by Steve Oz It’s a great sounding track with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along.

I Think I’m Calling It Love - More of a country feel to this one played along with the Nashville sound of the guitar. It’s an easy listening number telling the story as the title suggests about calling it love. Which was composed by Chris Harris, Bo & Ron Walton.

Until We Dance Again - Grab your partners for this smoochy little number that Bo sings to you in such a lovely tone. There’s a superb instrumental guitar riff mid-way that stands out for me. Another great composition by Steve Oz.

Ain’t No One But You – Stay on the dance floor for this lively upbeat number that will make you work up a sweat , its non-stop all the way with some great lyrics.

From Small Thing (Big Things One Day Come) - A Bruce Springsteen composition covered by Dave Edmunds brings us to the first of three covers on this album. Bo’s version sounds closer to Dave’s cover giving it a Rockabilly feel. Again, it’s got a great beat love the piano coming in from Geraint Watkins.

Sunburst Top – Here’s a terrific dance beat tune from composers John David and Bo Walton, with Bo singing about a classic Gibson J-200 guitar one that he loved since the very first time he saw Elvis play one.. It’s another musically adapted tune by these guys with some awesome chords.

That’s Love - It’s a roller coaster ride “That’s Love” we all know that, and this song tells the story of this. Certainly, one for the dancers and to listen to in the car, written by Billy Curtis, Bo & Ron Walton.

My Sweet Lainey – Jolly little number from the pens of Bo & John David with a Country upbeat and some cool twanging guitar work. This tune with have you hitting the dance floor again and again and it has the magnetic touch.

Love Of My Life - Lovely ballad with a picking acoustic guitar and Bo on vocals softly serenading you with his unique voice.

I Come A Runnin – Bouncing back she calls my name and I come running the chorus lyrics of this one, an upbeat number with traits of seventies energy running through it.

Have A Heart – A 2023 remix of Dave Edmunds song which was also cut by The Jets. Bo has certainly captured the Dave Edmunds sound and style here, great track then and this 2023 remix certainly is to.

You Know You Just Might- Originally cut by Albert Lee & Hogans Heroes and composed by Raymond Peters & Brian Hodgson. To end this album with a fine rendition of the original cut to say the least along with an in-depth guitar break.

To Summarise : With legendary songwriter and bass guitarist John David (Williams) producing this album you know it’s gonna be a winner, to add to this the talented Geraint Watkins plays piano . I always love an album that mixes the tunes and this one certainly does from ballads to jivers, and the quality remains the same throughout. Check it out! It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to.

A bit about the line-up ( in their own words): In 2015 Rock 'n' Roll/Country Rock singer/songwriter Bo Walton teamed up with kick ass Rock 'n' Roll band Red Alert for High Energy live shows in the UK, Europe, USA etc. and recording projects featuring 21st century Rock 'n' Roll originals and covers. We Love Rock 'n' Roll fans so let's rock together..............FOREVER!!

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