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Released - February 2023 by Jasmine Records Reviewed 24th March 2023 by Rockin Rebel.

Hits collection from the discography of Johnny Burnette who recorded on many different labels like Reprise, Capitol, and his own Sahara label (now Magic Lamp). This new release from jasmine records allows us to hear the unique style and sound of one of rockabilly’s top artist. Johnny had released many hit records all over the world. So, this track listing is taken from the American discography.

Track by track YOU'RE UNDECIDED (Dorsey Burnette) / Johnny Burnette Recorded Nov 1955 on Von Records "Go Mule Go" was on the flip side which was written By Dorsey Burnette. This was Johnny as a solo artist.

TEAR IT UP Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n' Roll Trio. It was recorded on the 7th May 1956. It had no chart success but later became a track that filled the dance halls and record hops.

OH, BABY BABE The second of the trios releases with “Midnight Train” on the flip side. Also recorded on the 7th may 1956.writters were Mortimer, D.J. Burnette and Burlison. It’s an adaptation of Baby Let's Playhouse written by Arthur Gunter English November 1954.

THE TRAIN KEPT A-ROLLIN' First recorded by American songwriter Tiny Bradshaw in 1951. Bradshaw did it the style of a mid-tempo jump blues, which uses a boogie-woogie bass line. In 1956 the Burnette’s along with revamped the track turning it into the classic rock n roll treat today. It was recorded on 2nd July 1956.

BLUES STAY AWAY FROM ME First covered by the The Delmore Brothers on King label, 1949. Written by: Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore, Wayne Raney & Henry Glover on May 6, 1949 and has been Covered by 105 artists. In 1958 an adaptation was recorded as Du, vergiß mich nicht (You, don't forget me) was written by Hans Blum. The Burnette brothers recorded it on July 2nd, 1958, but it did not get released as a single until 1960 on the coral label.

LONESOME TRAIN (ON A LONESOME TRACK) Taken from their debut album The Rock n roll Trio in 1956 and was written by Glen Moore and Milton Subotsky. More than 40 cover version have been done and the second recording came by some 14 years later in 1970 from Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets. Burnette’s version was First recorded on July 5, 1956, and released in December of the same year.

EAGER BEAVER BABY This 1957 coral release was written by Johnny Burnette, Lewis T. Smith, Robert E. Hyde, they recorded it march of 57. The first of three releases for Coral during that year. A self-penned track Touch Me was featured on the B-side.

DRINKING WINE, SPO-DEE-O-DEE, DRINKING WINE Jump blues song written by Stick McGhee and J. Mayo Williams in 1949 and originally recorded by "Sticks” McGhee & His Buddies. Burnette recorded his version in July of 56. The song charted on the US R&B charts by three different artists in 1949, Stick McGhee’s version reached #2, Wynonie Harris’s hit #4 and Lionel Hampton went up to #13. Johnny’s version was released on the debut album back in 56 as the last track.

ROCK BILLY BOOGIE Johnny Burnette And the Rock 'N Roll Trio Released on 12 December 1956. One of the most recognised rockabilly track on the scene today, covered by every band at some point. two and half minutes of pure joy.

WARM LOVE This one came under the name of The Burnette Brothers on the imperial label in 1958,Warm Love / My Honey were both written by the brothers. Bootleggers were quick to jump on this record with an unofficial release in the uk.

KISS ME Great little rockabilly track which was self-penned for this freedom records release in 1958 the flip side also self-penned titled I’m Restless. This was the first of three single recorded at freedom records. Recorded August of this year.

ME AND THE BEAR Eddie Cochran plays lead guitar on this. It was recorded during a break on one of Eddie's own sessions, to which johnny was helping on and decided to cut some demos at the same time. Recorded August 1958 on Freedom Records.

I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN Written-By Joe Lubin, Johnny, recorded Recorded 8th May 1959. this was the last Freedom records release before Johnny went under Liberty records.

SETTIN' THE WOODS ON FIRE, Sounds very much like a Hank Williams song but it was written by his song publisher and producer Fred Rose. Recorded 9th July 1959. Many top artist covered this song like Jerry Lee Lewis in 1958 a Frankie Laine and Jo Stafford duet in 1952

PATRICK HENRY First record release for 1960. Orchestra Conducted by Ernie Freeman. Liberty Recorded 7th March. Telling the story of “Give me liberty or give me death!" the politician and orator Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775

DREAMIN Released on an EP featuring Love, setting' The Woods On Fire, Please Help Me, I'm Falling. Plus, a 7” single with Cincinnati Fireball on the flip side. And was all taken from the LP “Dreaming” on liberty records 1960.

YOU'RE SIXTEEN Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single. Recorded 19th September 1960. Johnny wrote the flip side which was I Beg Your Pardon. You’re sixteen was written by the Sherman brothers.

LITTLE BOY SAD Recorded 28th November and was a second EP, but this time released on London Records. Little Boy Sad, Dream Lover, You’re Sixteen, You’re So Fine were the choices

GREEN GRASS OF TEXAS+ ROCKIN’ JOHNNY HOME (INSTRUMENTALS) 1961 also saw the release of a collaboration between Dorsey and Johnny as the instrumental group The Texans. The tracks date from 1959 and two singles were issued on the Infinity and Gothic labels. They released one further instrumental in 1962, this time as The Shamrocks on Liberty.

BIG BIG WORLD Recorded February 1961, and once again it's an extended play release.

I’VE GOT A LOT OF THINGS TO DO Johnny Burnette with The Johnny Mann Singers Liberty (USA) / London (UK) / Recorded May 1961

GOD, COUNTRY, AND MY BABY Written by Chick Holiday and john Dolan, Johnny was not longer having hits of any kind and was let go by the Liberty label.

CLOWN SHOES Orchestra Conducted by Ernie Freeman with The Johnny Mann Singers Liberty 55416 (USA) Liberty (UK) Recorded 16th December 1961

THE FOOL OF THE YEAR The Fool of The Year Written By David Gates and released in 1962 with the B-side being “The Poorest Boy In Town” Written By Tobias- Pockriss, with The Johnny Mann Singers doing the backing vocals. Recorded 26th March 1962

DAMN THE DEFIANT Orchestra Conducted by Ernie Freeman with The Johnny Mann Singers. Recorded 26th March 1962

GREEN HILLS (INSTRUMENTAL) Johnny Burnette, Dorsey Burnette, Joe Osborn become The Shamrocks recorded February 1962

I WANNA THANK YOUR FOLKS Written by Barry Mann, Johnny Burnette on the Chancellor label and Pye International, Recorded 25th June 1962

TAG-ALONG Released on the Chancellor label in 1962 in Australia Recorded 27th September. Flip side was Party Girl

REMEMBER ME (I'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU) It written and originally sung by Stuart Hamblen, which he released in 1950. The song was a hit for Ernest Tubb the same year, Johnny Cash also covered it. This version was arranged and conducted by Bill Justice, Recorded 27th September 1962

SUMMARY: A nice collection of the hits from Johnny’s career from different labels and with his bands, a full intensive piece of information comes with this release. Anybody new to these tracks will get a blast from hearing one of the most iconic artist in the rockabilly world. Adored by thousand and sadly lost too early.

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